The ULTIMATE Men's Guide to NYC.

How to get laid and party like a rock star in the city that never sleeps. The low-down on the girls, the game, the nightlife, and so much more.

Benefit from 2 years of research from a seasoned player who has written over 100 international city guides.

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Get Laid

Learn about the nine types of single women in the city and the best strategies for getting them naked.

All areas covered

Get info on every single neighborhood in Manhattan, as well as major nightlife enclaves in Brooklyn and Queens.

Party Hard

Get the best picks from research of 100’s of venues in a comprehensive and detailed nightlife guide.

Learn from the Experts

Aside from the Naughty Nomad himself, this book contains tips and input from other NYC game experts.

No Bullshit

Benefit from two years of on-the-ground research from a seasoned player with 140 pages of premium content.

Loads of Extras

Loaded with awesome tips, date ideas, custom maps, illustrations, info-graphs, and insider info for both the short-term visitor and those who are here for the long haul.

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  • Available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon in both full color and black & white prints.


Mark Zolo (pictured on the left with Neil Strauss) was born in Dublin, Ireland. He has traveled to over 90 countries (not to mention Antarctica and a few self-proclaimed republics).

He is the author of the Amazon no.1 travel memoir Naughty Nomad: Not your typical backpacker story. Google it. The reviews online speak for themselves.

He is also known for traveling to war zones with a crew of Mexican pirates (seriously). You can catch his antics on the YouTube mini-series The Way to Mogadishu,  filmed in Somalia.

You can also follow his adventures on his website, and become part of the Naughty Nomad community by signing up at

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