Welcome to New York City

nyc skyline for online preview

“New York is the only city-city.” – Truman Capote

Growing up, New York City always seemed like the center of the universe. No other cityscape is more instantly recognizable. Iconic images like the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Empire State Building, and the Brooklyn Bridge are so familiar they might as well have been tattooed onto our mothers’ tits. No place features more in popular culture either; from songs to TV shows to just about every disaster movie you’ve ever seen. It’s the biggest city of the only superpower, the home of the United Nations, and for all intents and purposes the unofficial capital of planet Earth. For many, it is considered the greatest city of them all.

After traveling to well over 200 cities and nearly 100 countries in my lifetime, I can confirm what the hype is about. New York is, in the truest sense of the word, awesome. En-route home to Europe from the Caribbean, I only came to NYC for a stop-off, but became so enamored with the city that I ended up hanging out here for nearly two years. As a “nomad” who has spent his adult life crossing continents, that says it all.

Why New York?

In New York, it feels like you can travel the world on a metro card. It’s not a multicultural melting pot, but a mixed salad, a city of immigrants with a thousand tribes and languages. Everybody carves out their corner. The Greeks run the diners, the Arabs run the delis, the Irish run the bars, and you’ll find restaurants with the “national cuisine” of pretty much every other country you can think of. You can’t find something called Cuban cuisine in Havana, but you can be damned sure you’ll find it in New York!

If you know where to look, you can pretty much get whatever you what in the city. You’re spoiled for choice. One day, you could be sharing Ethiopian injera with a Korean hostess in Spanish Harlem, and the next you could joining a Jamaican stripper to a Russian Banya, and the next you’re sampling Mexican mescals with an Arab student in Chinatown.

Speaking of drinking, the choice is overwhelming. There are thousands of bars and clubs. Then you’ve got your speakeasies, Hookah lounges, Spanish spots, underground kink parties, warehouse raves and just about every other conceivable form of adult entertainment.

Wanna get high, too? Sure, why not? There are street dealers in your neighbor who keep regular business hours, and if you get the late night munchies, you can be sure there’s a 24-hour deli nearby with a sandwich menu so extensive it will hurt your brain.

Looking to get laid? This place is as close as you can get to pussy paradise in the first world. Women are abundant, easily available, and come in every shape and shade imaginable. Latin, Asian, White, Black, Middle Eastern: everything is on the menu. Furthermore, women here are uninhibited, and once you crack the code, you’ll get laid with minimum effort. Whether you’re a complete newbie, a seasoned player, or just a regular Joe, the information I’m about to share with you will be invaluable for any guy wanting the play the game in New York City. This book will help you understand the playing field, teach you the rules, and give you the best strategies for scoring. The rest is up to you.

Why I Wrote This Book

I didn’t write this book just for the money. If that were the case, it might as well carry a ‘not-for-profit’ label. The meager amount of income it will provide me will probably never make up for the amount cash I’ve blown getting shit-faced on nights out doing so-called research. I’ve ashamed to say that I’ve literally pissed thousands upon thousands of dollars against the wall: so much so that if all the estuaries of urine I’ve discharged in subway-adjacent doorways flowed into an imaginary river tomorrow, you could probably kayak to Connecticut. Add to that the cost of taxis, late-night kebabs, and the potential medical expenses from future liver damage, and I’ve made this book at a resounding loss.

No, mis amigos, I also wrote this book for you. For every horny chap who’s ever had a boner, but just didn’t know what direction to point it in: I’m here to show you the way, my son. This guide was written because I know I wished there was somebody to show me the shortcuts.

And finally, I wrote this guide because I just love to write. I want to share what I’ve learned and contribute to a community of men who are focused on getting the most out of life. That’s you fine fellows.

If you’re the type of man that picks up a book in an effort to enrich your knowledge and improve your life, I tip my hat. This guide is my gift to you. I hope you get laid like a boss.

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